William Henry Artus, 1824 - 1902
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William Henry Artus, son of William Artus Jr. and Hannah Gabb, was born in Eastington, Glos. and baptized in the Parish Church, January 15th, 1825. Nothing more is known of him until 1846, when on 11th September he enlisted into the 7th Queen's Own Hussars at Hounslow Cavalry Barracks, Heston.

Number 1045 Private William Artus (he dropped the 'Henry') was, apparently, not too keen on army life, and on 8th October, 1846 he deserted at Bristol as the regiment was preparing to embark for a tour of duty in Ireland.
We find him next marrying Margaret Lane at Chepstow on 20th September, 1847, immediately after which they moved to Worcester where a son, William Charles, was born. Then, on 11th November, 1850, William Henry was arrested as a deserter and thrown into gaol to await repatriation to the 7th Hussars. He was returned to his regiment, now stationed at Ballincollig, Cork, under military escort and there he was court-martialled for desertion. His punishment was flogging followed by six days in the Regimental Hospital (to recover) and two months in a military prison. After serving his sentence, he was sent back to Ballincollig and remained there until 24th May, 1851, when he deserted again and fled to England.
By this time, Margaret, who was expecting their second child, Uriah had found herself in the workhouse at Chepstow. Arriving in England, William Henry eventually made his way to Chepstow, arriving some time after July 1851, when Uriah was born. He then took Margaret and the two children to Lichfield, where, in 1852, another son, Henry Sidney, was born. At present, nothing further is known of their stay in Lichfield, and the family next surfaced in the slums of Ancoats, Manchester.

Sarah Ann Street, Beswick, where William Henry was living in 1881. The area was demolished in the 1960s.

Sarah Ann Street, photographed from the other side. William Henry lived at number 92, which would have been on this side of the street.

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