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Joane, relict of Richard Bosely, d. 7th December.


Elizabeth, wife of Thomas Gybbe of Stonehouse, d. 2nd March.


William Sparry, aged 14, d. 11th May.


Isabel, wife of Anthony Keylocke, d. 6th September.


Neast Arnold, d. 31st October.


John Sparry of Minsterworth, d. 17th September.


John Sparry, d. 28th June.


William, son of John and Anne Clent, d. 19th April.


Martha, wife of Arthur Barrett of this parish, d. April.


Amy, wife of Thomas Wintle, buried 8th April.


Sibell, wife of Robert Very, d. 11th August.

Amy, daughter of James and Elizabeth Gittos, d. 11th September.


Anne Clent, wife of John Clent, d. 30th May, aged 38.

Susanna, wife of John Callowe, d. 8th October.

Thomas Wintle of Minsterworth, Gent., d. November 15th aged 49 yrs.


Phillis, daughter of Robert Very, d. 29th March.


Joane the wife of John Rone buried April 14th

Anne, the daughter of Thos. Crumpe and Anne his wife buried April 24th

Mary the daughter of Richard Barret buried May 2nd

Margaret, the wife of John Hiet, buried May 14th

Thos. the son of Jonathan and Elizabeth Pyrton, buried June 5th

Daniel Smith senior buried June 11th

Elizabeth, the wife of Jonathan Pyrton, buried July 7th

Susannah, the wife of William Wats, buried July 28th 

Matthew Gough, yeoman, d. 19th, buried September 30th

Joseph, the son of John Leighton and Katherine his wife bur. Oct. 29th.


Margaret, wife of John Freeman, d. 21st. November.


John Clent, Gent, died 4th May.


Joseph, the son of William & Joane Goodrom, Bur. May 16th

Thomas Barret senior, Bur. May 21st

Margaret, the wife of William James, Bur. May 22nd

Thomas Bradley, Bur. Oct. 4th

William Goodrom, Bur. Oct. 30th

Mathew Cowles? Bur. Nov. 9th

Margeret Hoodman Bur. Nov. 23rd

Anne Townsend, wid. Bur. Dec. 13th

Mary, the wife of William Bullock, Bur. Jan. 22nd

Elizabeth Vernham Bur. Jan. 23rd


William Phelps, son of William Phelps and Joan Church, buried.


Jane Wintle (nee Pritchard) 2nd wife of Thos. Wintle, d. 12th January.


Samuel, aged near 30, son of Edward and Elizabeth Wells. d. 10th July.


Elenor Grasing, widow, buried May 11th

Edward Wells of Gloucester buried August 14th

--------- daughter of Ralph Barret buried September 21st


Thomas Church sen. was Buried April 3rd

Samuel Waltham was Buried, May 28th

Sarah Phelps, widow of Wm. Phelps, was Buried, Sept. 6th

Mary Daniel was Buried Sept. 22nd

William Hawks was Buried Octob. 24th

Anne Watts, widow, was Buried Nov. 9th

Richard Jones was Buried Nov. 14th

Elizabeth Barrett Buried Decem. 18th

Mary Collow was Buried Decem. 28th

Robert Bodenham was Buried Jan. 26th

Hannah Hyett was Buried Febr. 9th

Samuel Hyett was Buried Febr. 25th


Joseph Wintle, Gent. d. 22nd December.

Anne Weale, d. 23rd January.


Samuel Rider, of Minsterworth, d. 16th November, aged 68.


J. Hawkins

John Wintle, Gent. of Minsterworth, d. 7th June, aged 35 years.

William, son of John Wintle, Gent. died date unknown.


Esther, the wife of John Craft was buried May 10th

William Church was buried May 25th

Mary, daughter of John and Mary Knowles of Longney bur. May 30th

John Knowles of Longney parish was buried June 4th

Susan Green, widow, was buried August 24th


Elizabeth, relict of Samuel Rider, d. 31st December, aged 78.


Jane, the wife of Francis Pool  August 11th

James, son of Thos. and Margaret Overthrow September

William, son of William and Mary Window of Westbury   November

Thomas Symonds, clerk of the Parish  November


Sarah Wooles, widow   February 26th

John Church  February 26th

Mary Dowel, widow  March 7th

Isaac Brobun, bachelor          

Mary Stock, a child, daughter of Edwd. & Martha Stock

Elizabeth, the wife of John Barrett           

John Phelps, Tayler, Batchelour

Prudence, the wife of Edward Overthrow

Rachel, the wife of Joseph Cammuck       


James Dangerfield was buried April 2nd

James Jones, a youth, was buried April 8th

William, son of Wm. and Sarah Warren, an infant, was buried April 28th

John Craft was buried May 3rd

Sarah, daughter of Richard and Elizabeth Jones, a child, was buried May 5th

John Trigge, widower, of Gloucester, was buried July 19th

Anne Symonds, widow, was buried October 9th

John Brown, aged nr. 50 yrs. batchelour, was buried November 8th

Thomas Bartlem, batchelour, being drowned, was buried December 26th

Anne, the wife of Anselm Wooles was buried December 26th


William Smith, widower, was buried May 4th

Esther Allen, widow, was buried August 26th

John Phillips, widower, was buried September 14th

Thomas Overthrow, widower, was buried November 22nd


Thomas, son of William and Mary Jellimore  May 28th

Daniel Organ, bachelor, (fisherman)   June 12th

William Grashing  June 20th

Abraham Pool, widower December 25th


Jonathan Peyton   January 12th

William, son of Thomas and Anne Wood (a child)  January 19th

William, son of William and Sarah Warren    July 13th

Anselm Wooles, widower October 22nd


William, son of John and Mary Wathan (a child)  March 12th

Joseph Clark, a stranger who was drowned    February 28th

Mary, daughter of Samuel and Susannah Wathan   April 27th

Elizabeth, inf. daughter of Wm. and Elizabeth Phelps  November 14th


Thomas Keyes, about 50 years of age, buried July 25th


Elizabeth, wife of Joseph Green, was buried January 15th

James Church of Westbury, Batchelour, was buried May 5th

William Underwood, Batchelour, was buried May 15th

Mary, daughter of Ephraim and Sarah Smith, buried August 7th

William, son of Anselm and Esther Wooles, an infant, b. Dec. 7th


Mariam, wife of James Church, d. January 9th, buried January 11th

Anne, daughter of Thos. and Sarah young, an infant, buried May 8th

Anne, daughter of Anselm and Esther Wooles, a child, buried Sept. 20th

John, son of Abraham and Anne ------  a youth, was buried Oct.2nd

Elizabeth, wife of Jacob Wintle, was buried October 5th

William Maddocks, widower, was buried October 7th 


Sarah Barret, the wife of Arthur Barret, was buried January 6th

John Church, son of James and Mariam Church, buried January 20th.

Anne Wooles, dr. of Anselm and Esther Wooles, buried March 2nd.

Nancy Tayler, dr. of Francis and Nancy Tayler, buried March 9th.

Jeremy Hyet was buried  March 28th.

Elizabeth Littleton, spinster, was buried April 22nd.

Thomas Brooks, son of Stephen and Mary, was buried April 27th.

William Hawkes was buried  October 12th.


Lucy Varnham, daughter of William and Mary, June 4th.

Mary Parsons, spinster of Westbury, buried December 25th

Elizabeth Townshend, widow, was buried December 31st.


Mary Grasing

Thomas Purton


James Church Senr. d. 6th June, aged 70 Years.


Anne, wife of Thos. Hooper of Churcham, d. 28th June, aged 70.


George Williams, batchelour   April 6th

Ann Wintle, a young girl    April 9th

Elizabeth, wife of Samuel Haines, carpenter of Gloucester.    June 2nd

John, son of William and Mary Grashing, an infant.  August 4th


Mary, daughter of Robert and Mary Wooles   April 7th

Sarah, the wife of James Bodnum    April 24th

Mr John Nicholas of the city of Gloster, batchelour  June 6th

William Hoskyns? carpenter,  July 9th

Mary, the wife of John Ward  August 9th

Ephriam Smith, carpenter,   December 13th


Anne Hawkins


Mary, the daughter of John Turk   January 11th

Ann, the daughter of John and Keziah Bullock   January 12th

Sarah, the daughter of Jonathan and Ann Griffits  March 14th

Ann, the wife of John Lloyd    May 11th

Ann, the wife of Phillip Hooper    June  16th

Elizabeth, the wife of William Phelps  June  23rd

Ann, the daughter of John and Ann Millard  October   5th

Jemima, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Pocket   October   6th

Mary, the wife of John Wathern  November 12th


Joseph Brown of Minsterworth, aged 70 years, d. 24th October.


Elizabeth, wife of John Oakey, d. 26th June, aged 46 years.


John Wathern buried February 22nd


William Phelps buried January 6th

Sarah Turk buried October 19th


Mary, wife of John Church of Over, d. 4th November, aged 50 years.


Sir Charles Barrow, d. 10th. January. Age 80.


Ann Hare, buried                       January 25th

Thomas son of Charles Evans Esq  March  3rd

Ansell Wooles was buried  July 16th

Mary Church   November 20th

Elizabeth Wintles  October  1st

George Wall  December 2nd


George Pocket   February 5th

Hannah Price  March 7th

Joseph Gardener    June  9th

Elizabeth Barrett  July   21st

William Prichard  September 18th

Eliza, wife of John Burnett,  was buried .


Jane Salcombe   March 23rd

Hannah Taylor March 17th

James Bodnham   August 8th

Jane Godsell   August 11th

Sarah Clifford   November 19th

Joseph Brown, base son of Margaret Harper   November 20th

John Smith  November 29th

George Brent or Brint  December 12th


Jane Walker November 12th


John Barrett, 67, Yeoman,  late of this parish, buried October 30th 


Mary Brooke was buried January 1st

Jonathan Pitt was buried January 10th

John Gough was buried March 31st

A man drowned in Severn was buried April 1st

John Freeman was buried April 16th

Daniel Griffiths was buried August 31st

William Tufley was buried September 21st

Benjamin Pool was buried October 1st

Mary Hawkins was buried November 18th


Elizabeth Hawkins   January 28th
John Oakey, aged 54, died 13th January.

John Barrett  February 3rd

William Church  May

Mary Barrett  May  17th

Kezia Barrett    August 27th

Thomas Gibbs    November 1st

Elizabeth Hawkins  November 8th

John Oakey  November 17th


John Price, aged 45, died 1st July.

Elizabeth, wife of John Barrett,  died 7th February aged 76


Sarah Barratt, aged 33, buried March 8th.

Mary Clifford, aged 5 weeks, buried June 1st.

Daniel Barrett, aged 5 months, buried 25th July.

Mary Barratt, aged 14 months, buried October 10th.

Ann Bury, aged 75, buried December 28th.


William Colwell, aged 73, buried January 19th.


Ralph Barrett, aged 88, buried January 1st.

Eleanor Barnett (Barrett?) aged 9 days, buried November 2nd.


Eliza Ann Colwell, aged 2, buried February 27th.

Isabella Colwell, aged 28, buried March 17th.

Ann Church, aged 76, buried May 14th.

Mary Collins, aged 69, buried May 20th.

James Barrett 


Ann Boughton, aged 38, buried January 3rd

Ann Clutterbuck, aged 55, buried January 24th.

Sarah Artus, aged 23, buried February 28th.

Joseph Phillips, aged 21, buried July 14th

William Sims, aged 56 buried September 12th

Deborah Wathan, aged 5 years 10months, buried November 7th

Sarah Morgan, aged 69, buried December 23rd


Sarah Artus, aged 45, buried May 16th

Benjamin Greening, of Saul, aged 42, drowned. Buried September 8th

Joseph Pocket, aged 81, buried October 4th

William Jones, aged 5 weeks, buried October 13th.


Elizabeth Butt, aged 67, buried March 9th.


Robert Colwell, aged 88, buried January 18th.

Samuel Copner, aged 83, buried February 21st.


Richard Clifford, aged 6 years, buried 27th January.

Samuel Copner, aged 7 months, buried June 15th. 


Elizabeth Clutterbuck, aged 59, buried April 25th. 

Sarah Collicut? aged 20, buried July 30th.


John Bridges, infant, buried February 23rd.

Elizabeth Lyons Barrett, infant, buried March 3rd.

Joseph Evans, aged 81, buried June 5th.

Sarah Barnett (Barrett?), aged 24, buried August 18th.

Anne Clifford, aged 1 week, buried August 22nd.


Richard Cole, aged 74, buried June 16th.

Mary Barrett, aged 42, buried September 20th.

Charles Beer, aged 38, buried December 25th.


Matilda Butt, aged 9 days, buried February 17th.


Mary Boughton, aged 5, buried May 3rd.

Joseph Barrett, aged 24, buried 28th June.

Moses Clutterbuck, aged 68, buried September 20th.

Anne Barrett, aged 21, buried October 4th.

Anne Clifford, aged 39, buried November 20th.


Robert Butt, aged 18, buried March 14th.

Samuel Copner, aged 61, buried July 6th.

Rebecca Clutterbuck, aged 77, buried August 11th.

Robert Colwell, aged 65, buried September 27th.


Ebenezer Butt, aged 12, buried January 19th.


Moses Clutterbuck, aged 1month, buried July 2nd.

James Barrett, aged 36, buried August 29th.

Jeremiah Hawkins, aged 80, d. 13th January.
William Hawkins, son of Jeremiah, died 14th May, aged 25


Richard Barrett, aged 27, buried February 12th.
Thomas Hawkins, son of Jeremiah, died 8th May, aged 46
John Colwell, aged 55, buried March 23rd.

Elizabeth Copner, aged 82, buried October 27th. 


Mary Caroline Evans, aged 64, buried June 6th.


Isabella Colwell, aged 92, buried May 23rd. 

William Sterry, Gloucester, aged 59, buried.


John Daniell, aged 72, buried July 15th.

Anne Clifford, aged 39, buried November 20th.


John Bishop, aged 79, buried December 13th.
John Stephens. d. 31st March, 1849, aged 66.

John Barrett, aged 4, buried August 23rd.

Henry Artus, aged 1, buried October 10th.

Phoebe Barrett, aged 37, buried October 16th.


Susannah Artus, aged 87, buried January 16th.

Sarah Colwell, aged 78, buried February 21st.

William Brown, aged 67, buried May 5th


Harriet Colwell, aged 21, buried January 25th.

Joseph Baldwin, aged 62, buried October 19th.


Caroline Butt, aged 22, buried March 19th.

Thomas Edwards, aged 50, buried December 17th.


Charles Barnes, aged   ?, buried January 15th.

Mary Ann Butt, aged 63, buried November 10th.


Mary Collier, aged 81, buried January 30th.

Robert Colwell, aged 19, buried June 21st.

John Doane, aged 50, buried May 24th.


Elizabeth Cole, aged 89, buried January 27th.

Nancy Bishop, aged 60, buried January 29th.

Hannah Everett, infant, buried March 9th.

Patience Colwell, aged 61, buried May 19th.

Eliza Ann Artus, aged 2, buried May 25th.

James Bridges, aged 15, buried June 20th.

John Boughton, aged 21, buried August 24th.

Caroline Syms Barrett, aged 20, buried November 8th.


George Bridges, aged 26, buried January 13th.

William Barrett, aged 47, buried January 19th.

Sarah Bridges, aged 24, buried June 19th.

Sophia Bridges, aged 3 months, August 3rd.

William Barret, infant, buried November 3rd.

Samuel Ballinger, aged 40, buried November 9th.

Thomas Bridges, aged 68, buried November 17th.

Maria Augusta Evans, aged ?, buried November 21st.

William Artus, aged 80, buried 29th November.

Sarah Eldridge, aged 77, buried December 13th.


Ann Bridges, aged 28, buried January 22nd.

Elizabeth Barrett, aged 31, buried February 9th.

Emma Bridges, infant, buried March 13th.

Joseph Bridges, aged 22, buried June 4th.

Hannah Barrett, aged 71, buried October 11th.


Charles Clifford, aged 9 months, buried June 6th. 

Margaret Boughton, aged 69, buried November 7th.

Mary Ann Clifford, aged 6months, buried December 28th.


Esther Ashmead, aged 1, buried March 14th.

Stephen Collyer, aged 89, buried March 26th.

Joseph Evans, aged 77, buried March 31st.

Margaret Boughton, aged 10 days, buried June 10th.

Mary Ann Syms Barrett, aged 12, buried August 20th.

Fanny Clifford, 3 months, buried  October 29th.


George Cooper, aged 3, buried  January 2nd.

William Clifford, aged 32, buried  March 8th.

Sarah Cole, aged 48, buried  March 23rd.



Ann Boughton, aged 66, buried January 21st.

John Clifford, aged 28, buried June 13th.

Sarah Brown, aged 74, buried June 30th.

Ann Everett, aged 10, buried September 20th.

James Everett, aged 38, buried September 22nd.


George Boughton, aged 3, buried January 31st.

Charles Apperley, buried June 20th. 
Ellen Clifford, aged 29, buried September. 10th.


Elizabeth Ellis, aged 77, buried April 10th.

George Butt, aged 75, buried April 29th.


Thomas Boughton, aged 74, buried February 26th.

William Barrett, aged 61, buried 19th October.
Mary, relict of John Stephens, aged 66  d. 18th  June. 
Edwin Symes, son of Wm. & Sarah Ann Symes, d. 28th September  


Robert Stephens, aged 27, died March.

Sarah Ann Symes, wife of Wm. Symes, died 4th January, aged 55

Bellamira Hawkins, died 20th July.

William Symes, aged 63, died 25th November.