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Below is a list (as yet incomplete, but being extended) showing the names and years of marriage of individuals with the Artus surname.
This page covers the Christian names A - E.
If you can add any extra information, please contact me.

Christian Name(s) Spouse (Where Known) Place Married     Date
Ada William Jackson Birmingham 1913
Ada L. Arthur Bowen Epsom 1913
Ada Rebecca Ernest David J. Excell Gloucester 1878
Adelaide Louisa Shoreditch 1891
Agnes William Collier Camberwell 1917
Agnes A. Lelslie H. Allen Lewisham 1926
Aileen Sidney M. Levy Paddington 1950
Alan J. Jessica A. Frisby Stourbridge 1969
Albert Mary Yearsley Gloucester 1888
Albert Mary Mina Marchant Gloucester 1906
Albert E. Ferns *? Manchester 1921
Albert Edward. Ada Prince All Saints, N. Heath 1945
Albert Edward Kate Finch Cheltenham 1895
6 Albert George Doreen Mary Getley
Alfred Kate Bartlett Gloucester 1895
Alfred Beatrice Stokes 1899
Alfred Hannah Ankers Manchester C-on-M 1903
  2 Alfred Alice Maud Jeffrey Shoreditch 1907
Alfred Mary Barfoot Minsterworth 1909
  3 Alfred Ellen Webb Shoreditch 1915
Alfred G. Caroline Shoreditch 1927
Alfred  John Henrietta J. Harris Shoreditch 1951
Alfred Paul Sarah Ann Woodfield Wheatenhurst 1845
Alfred William Lily Beatrice Elaine Stokes Gloucester 1926
? Alfred William Lucy M. Hulin Bristol 1866
Alice Chas. Henry Jones Glos. 1896
Alice West Ham 1907
Amalia E. L. Rochford 1911
10 Amelia Henry Workman Cheltenham 1841
Amelia W. Bromwich 1857
Amelia Edward Bastable Handsworth 1857
Amelia Elizabeth Edmonton 1898
Amy Samuel Prestwood Painswick 1706
Amy Faringdon 1898
Amy Charles E. Paynting Aston 1912
Amy John E. Steggall Ipswich 1934
Amy Eleanor K. Norton 1907
Ann William Watkins 1780
Ann Gloucester 1845
Ann Stephen John Barber Bristol 1849
Ann E. Aston 1911
Anne E. Paul M. Davis Cheltenham 1974
Annie Leslie Wallace? Chichester 1946
Ann Maria Gloucester 1882
Ann Maria Thomas Barnes Gloucester 1855
Ann Maria Henry Hook Gloucester 1882
Ann Marie Glos. 1857
Ann M. Alan R. Jones Cheltenham 1962
Anthony D. Frances M. Forster Aldershot 1970
Arthur Elizabeth Price Caynham 1747
Arthur St. Saviour 1895
Arthur Emily Law Southwark 1920
Arthur Agnes Conway Halifax 1925
Arthur John Elizabeth Gough Gloucester 1889
Arthur J. Minnie A. Philip Wandsworth 1949
Arthur J. Elizabeth A. Whalley Manchester 1975
Arthur L. Marylebone 1911
Arthur Violet Bifolchi Manchester 1960
Audrey    Smith Cheltenham 1953
8 Beatrice Francis McNeil St. Brigid R.C.  M/cr 13.03.1923
Beatrice Frederick G.Tustin Worcester 1925
Beatrice M. Ernest F. Payne Glos. 1915
Benjamin ? ? 1819
Benjamin Catherine Sarah York Newington 1839
Benjamin Eliza Davy St. Saviour 1871
BenSusan BradbrookCheltenham1988
Bernard A. Florence M. Eskins Gloucester 1930
Beryl M. Anthony G. Grail Gloucester 1960
Betty M. John J. L. Crooke Wycombe 1961
Brian Diana J. Pyke Kingston 1961
Brian P. Edna J. Harper Widnes 1969
Brian P. Kathleen Barrett Staffs Moors 1976
Carey E. Irene H.M. Watts Hereford 1972
Carmaine         Walker Cheltenham 1953
14 Caroline
Henry Mole Glos. 1853
Caroline Mclachlan St. Giles 1848
Catherine Camberwell 1880
Charles H. Mary E.Sellers Manchester 1919
Charles Henry Hannah Livesey or Lowry St. Aidan  M/cr. 1951
Charles Reuben Lambeth 1909
Charlotte Southwark 1904
Christine Thomas W. Birchall Oldham 1974
Christine M. David G. Mills Cheltenham 1972
Christel S. C. James or Gilbert Gloucester 1946
ChristopherMichelle MarshCheltenham1995
Christopher John Tricia Lynne HarmerGloucester1981
Clara Westbury 1906
Clara Robert Williams  W. Derby 1921
Clive G. Wendy G. Lewis Shurdington 1976
ColinJane HickmottCheltenham1983
Colin J. Gladys Tompkinson Stafford 1943
Connie Ewin S Quiroga Coventry 1959
Constance V. C. Cyril S. Stroud Thurrock 1948
Conway D. S. Mary J.  Bishop Cardiff 1962
Cyril Winifred P. Concannon Manchester 1965
Darrell Irene A. Merchant Gloucester 1957
David J. N. Linda M. Shakeshaft Lichfield 1974
Deani Walter L. J. Walton Kensington 1959
Dennis R. Sandra K. Barnett Evesham 1964
Dennis W. Christine J. Ayris Lambeth 1975
Doris John  (H?) Yates Leeds 1918
Doris E. Frederick C.Tilling Surrey 1942
Dorothea R. Turner Lambeth 1938
Dorothy Arthur J. Irving Liverpool 1944
Dorothy B. Harold J. Huband Cheltenham 1926
Dorothy Robert M. Murray Gloucester 1956
Dorothy Christopher R. Ball Manchester 1966
Douglas R. Chapman* Gloucester 1921
Edith Doris Thomas Rowland Manchester 1934
Edith Percy D. Baldwin Gloucester 1924
Edith Arthur R. B.Bryan Worcester 1940
Edith A. Sidney V. Parsons Worthing 1941
Edith H. William George Plymouth 1919
Edith M. John E. Collett Southwark 1923
EdwardSarahCheltenham 1782?
Edward Elizabeth (Betty) Brown Cheltenham 1791
5 Edward  Elizabeth Buckell Glos. 1813
Edward Mary Ann --? Gloucester 1850
Edward Chelsea 1852
Edward Sarah Hannah Griffin Gloucester 1873
Edward Burton 1881
Edward Jane Bowker Manchester 1932
Edward Henry St. Saviour 1882
Edward James Ann Eliza Wragg Birmingham 1877
Edward W. Beatrice A.Hobson Derby 1927
Edwiga L. J. A. Robert B. Spencer Islington 1960
Edwin Gladys Kilshaw N. Brierley 1930
Edwin George. Alice Laura Cole Minsterworth 1913
Elaine M. Wendell B. Davis Swindon 1961
Eileen R. Lawrence G. Norman Hackney 1951
Eileen Anthony Welsh Manchester 1958
Elena I.   Cocker Halifax 1949
Elijah Alice Mercer Manchester 18.04.1887
Eliza John Lodder Stour Provost, Dorset 1838
4 Eliza Roger Hunter, Jun. Clifton 1840
Eliza Lewisham 1868
Eliza ???? Carr Glos. 186?
Eliza Stoke D. 1870
Eliza Thomas T. Parker Gloucester 1886
Eliza London 1895
Eliza Benjamin Pearson Aston 1921
Eliza Thomas H. Eldergill Bethnal Green 1937
Eliza Ann Bethnal Green 1859
Eliza Ann Merthyr T. 1873
Eliza Ann Aston 1877
Eliza G. Solihull 1911
Elizabeth John Russell Cheltenham 1801
Elizabeth Edward Farnham Shoreditch 1818
1 Elizabeth Thomas Hooper Gloucester 1828
Elizabeth Lambeth 1842
Elizabeth Newington 1862
Elizabeth Camberwell 1868
Elizabeth Charles Frederick Brewer Cheltenham 1869
Elizabeth St. Saviour 1870
Elizabeth St. George 1888
7 Elizabeth Almon Etherbert Horton Manchester 1911
Elizabeth William T.Godwin Cheltenham 1919
Elizabeth Edward J. Vickery West Ham 1913
Elizabeth  A. Ernest J. Norgan Shoreditch 1913
Elizabeth A. John P. Kelly Manchester 1932
Elizabeth A. Glen R K. Bagnall Gloucester 1967
Elizabeth Ann St. Saviour 1878
Elizabeth Emily Fulham 1901
Elizabeth F. Adrian A. Asbury Rochford 1962
Elizabeth Jane Chepstow 1879
Elizabeth H. M. David M. North Meriden 1966
Elizabeth J. Wilfred G. Base Gloucester 1976
Elsie Harold Ray St. Thomas  M/cr. 1932
Elsie A. John T. Bennett Gloucester 1920
Emila Southwark 1806
Emily B. F. Ernest G. V. Bishop Gloucester 1934
Emilie Gloucester 1888
Emily Newington 1848
Emily St. Saviour 1897
Emily Mina Clarence Morton Williams Colorado, USA 1911
Emily William T. Major Lewisham 1953
Emma Stroud 1852
Emma Thomas Powell? Spennymoor
Emma Lambeth 1883
16 Emma (Emily) Thomas Usher USA 1900
Emma McLachlan Lambeth 1852
Emma Maria Alfred Charles Peckham Lambeth 1865
Ernest D. Audrey K. Sackley Aldershot 1944
Ernest E. Doris I. Goddard Gloucester 1930
Ernest F. Mabel E. Corps Farnham 1919
Ernest Richard Cheltenham 1903
Ernest W. Grace N. Galling Gloucester 1936
Estella Edwin W.Richards Gloucester 1921
Ethel M. B. David Leech Cheltenham 1931
Eva Gloucester 1903
Eva M. E. Joseph B. Miles Gloucester 1934
1 Married at St. Mary de Crypt 13th October, 1828. Possibly daughter of Wm. and Sarah Artus, Minsterworth.
2 After the death of Alice Maud, Alfred married Ellen Webb
3 Alfred married Ellen after the death of first wife Alice Maud.
4 Daughter of Samuel Artus, Clifton.
5 Married 29th May, 1813. Witnesses, Robert and Mary Ann Artus.
6 Albert George emigrated to Australia with his family in 1968.
7 Daughter of Uriah Artus and Alice Barker.
8 Daughter of Elijah Artus
10 Married 6th September, 1841. Has descendents in Australia.
11 Daughter of Robert and Susannah Artus, Spennymoor. Married either John Bulmer or Thomas Powell. 
14 Daughter of John Artus and Mary Jones, Minsterworth.
16  Granddaughter of Robert and Susannah Artus.