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Below, is a selection of photographs of members of the Artus family. If you have any pictures you would like to include, please contact me.

Earliest known photograph of the Artus family. John Artus of Minsterworth, seated, with son Alfred, circa 1865.

Reuben Artus, Manchester, with grandsons Clifford Artus, left, and Eric Rowland, Wythenshawe Park, 1939.

Reuben Artus with  Edith Emily Mackintosh, his wife who died in 1939.

Alice Barker, wife of Uriah Artus and mother of Reuben. 

Edith Doris Artus, daughter of  Reuben and Edith Emily. Pictured here with grandson Carl Rowland on holiday in County Down, 1958.

Edward (Teddy) Artus, son of Reuben, seen here with wife Jenny.

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