Notes on the 1891 Census
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1. Elijah Artus is recorded twice in the 1891 Census. He is shown as living at 88, Sarah Ann Street with his family, but also as being a prisoner in Strangeways prison, where he has given his place of birth as Jarrow. He was, in fact, in prison.

2.  Sidney Artus is recorded as a son of the family, although all the members, George (head) Harriet (wife) daughters Elizabeth and Alice, have the surname Jones.

3.  Uriah is shown as Uriah Artis on the census return, and this may be deliberate, as Alice Artus was a poor manager and constantly in debt, causing the family to move house frequently.

4. Margaret died in 1899, aged 36.

5. George is the son of Joseph Artus and Harriet Bridges, Minsterworth.

6. Sarah Ann died in 1895 at Gloucester.

7.  Matilda J. Stephens, widow of William Henry Artus, married 1879, Cheltenham.

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